Ronald circa age 7 at the time first Holy Communion

2 photos of Ronald at age 17 high school graduation

3 photos of Ronald functioning as missionary priest in South Korea

2 Photos of Ronald & Louise’s Wedding 7/31/1971 & photo of the newly married couple in New York City.

Ronald doing some yard work in front of our first house in 1978 or 79.

Ronald with our adopted Korean daughters in 1981 soon after they arrived in the US.

Photos of our new family – smaller one in 1981 – larger one circa 1983

Ronald cutting up with our daughters circa 1985 -1990

Al and the girls with some of their birth family in South Korea in 1989.

Ronald enjoying the San Diego, CA lifestyle in the 1990’s.

Newly retired Ronald & Louise in Fall 2003 on Alaska cruise.

Family Portrait
Top Row: Son-in-Law Jim, Ronald, Son-in-Law Tony.

Middle Row: Daughter Ann, Louise, Daughter Lisa.

Bottom Row: Granddaughter Sara, Grandson Andrew

Ronald & Louise circa 2010.