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Thank you for Smiling

Abandoned, abused and discarded by her mother, Alma Perez tried to keep her family together. Caring for her younger siblings, Alma embarks on many adventures that caused her to grow up fast and without much hope.

Thank you for Smiling

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Soul Singh

Born in Colorado, Soul Singh prevailed through many trials and tribulations as a ward of the state. The product of abuse and neglect, Soul’s love for reading gave her insight and motivation to move beyond her life circumstances. After graduating high school with high honors, Soul attended the University of Texas in Austin, earning her bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

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1. She was slender, but strong. She stood a little over five feet tall, but her presence made her appear to be a giant to me. Behind her strength, she was fragile. Her beauty was tormented, like the beauty one finds in a storm. I could only see this beauty when she was not looking at me. Her eyes scared me. I never looked at her directly and from this view I could not see her eyes. I never wanted to look like her because under all that beauty I saw her true nature and it was hideous.

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