Thank you for Smiling

About the Book

Thank you for Smiling

Soul Singh

Abandoned, abused and discarded by her mother, Alma Perez tried to keep her family together. Caring for her younger siblings, Alma embarks on many adventures that caused her to grow up fast and without much hope.Once in foster care, Alma learned how to defy the stereotypes surrounding her life circumstance and adamantly strove to find her purpose. Learning was her strength and the note from a teacher gave her humanity.

Excerpt #1)

She was slender, but strong. She stood a little over five feet tall, but her presence made her appear to be a giant to me. Behind her strength, she was fragile. Her beauty was tormented, like the beauty one finds in a storm. I could only see this beauty when she was not looking at me. Her eyes scared me. I never looked at her directly and from this view I could not see her eyes. I never wanted to look like her because under all that beauty I saw her true nature and it was hideous.

Excerpt #2

I was lost in thoughts of how peaceful the two of them looked and wondered if I ever looked that peaceful when I slept, when my thoughts were interrupted by the sharpness of her voice.

“What are you doing?” she barked at me, shattering the quietness of the moment. I was caught off guard so I jumped. “Nothing mommy,” I replied.

“Well you are doing something. Why are you just staring at your brothers?”

“I like watching them sleep. They look so sweet when they sleep.” As soon as I said the words, I knew I had opened Pandora’s Box.

“You little cunt,” she said this with the most wicked sweetness, “You think you are their mommy. Well, I am their mommy and only I can look at them when they sleep.”